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via 2020 Annual Report

A Note from our CEO:

The year 2020 will now always be one of those dates that will live in infamy. 

Where were you during COVID-19… how did you and your family survive… how many zoom calls did you do during the day? Collectively, we have seen hardships, we have experienced loss, and we have lived through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this unprecedented crisis, we have seen our community stand up and stand together to battle hunger not seen since the Great Depression; to overcome massive disruptions in our local and state economy, and even experience endless challenges to our supply chain and distribution systems.

In these moments, the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama has been on the front lines like never before – with courage, despite fears about safety and challenging personal demands. Our staff, our board members and volunteers, and our partners stood tall to meet the surge in food insecurity across our 12-county footprint. We have pushed to increase food distributions to the highest amount in our history. Our team of food bankers and our network of partner agencies responded with resilience and adaptability, leveraging our increased capacity to provide more food to more people than we ever have before.

Behind our team of front-line workers, YOU, our donors, friends, and supporters have enabled the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama to step up as a community pillar. Together, we have fed more people, built new partnerships, and expanded our capabilities in the midst of this crisis. Together, we have met the challenges of 2020, and together, we will keep this momentum into the next year… a year that promises more of the same, with an estimated 42 million Americans who will experience food insecurity because of the continuing economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will remember 2020, but we will remember it as a time where together we stood up and stood tall. You lent us your hands, your time, and your resources to serve our community and neighbors in need.

We hope that these pages reflect our deepest gratitude to you and all of our partners. Together, we made a difference! While hunger is still a crisis and poses great challenges, your continued support means we can work together to solve hunger in Central Alabama.

With gratitude,

Brett R. Meredith
CEO, Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

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