Fight Hunger. Spark Change. in the Community

May 4, 2020

Walmart Teams Up with the Community Food Bank to Fight Hunger and Spark Change

The reality of hunger is all too real for much of central Alabama. While food insecurity has always been more prevalent in our state, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the need for food services across the board. Feeding America estimates that 40% of those who sought assistance from food banks were doing so for the first time. Our communities need our help now more than ever, as economic effects from the pandemic are estimated to outlive the pandemic itself.

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama works in unison with partner agencies and is proud of the incredible impact made in our communities through the vital partnership with Walmart and Sam’s Club. in the 8th Annual Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign. Walmart and Sam’s Club came together with their suppliers, partners, customers, and Feeding America member food banks to help fight hunger in communities nationwide.

Walmart and Sam’s Club strengthen local communities year-round, not just during the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign. Walmart is an integral part of the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama in particular. They donate food regularly, offer excess food for reclamation, and provide financial support through grants and donations. Without Walmart’s fresh produce, healthy frozen goods and meat, distributions would not occur as often, and more families would go without food.

We wanted to highlight the different ways that the Community Food Bank, along with Walmart and Sam’s Club, makes a tangible difference through our partner agencies. We visited three of our nonprofit agencies across our 12-county service area to learn more about what this combined partnership means to them.


Meet Alabama Childhood Food Solutions:

Alabama Childhood Food Solutions serves the Sylacauga area in Talladega County, and they work hard to Fight Hunger by linking children and families with consistent food services. They have seen an increase in need throughout the pandemic, and they rose to meet that need. Watch this video to learn more about ACFS and how they work with the Food Bank and Walmart.

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Another agency we talked to was
Way of the Cross Soup Kitchen in Gadsden.

Through our partnership, Way of the Cross is enabled to reclaim food from local Walmart stores multiple times a week. They use that food to make hot meals to feed around 5,000 people every month, as well as give out fresh baked goods and deli items to anyone who walks up. This Agency is truly working to #FightHunger in Etowah County.

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It’s readily apparent how big of a difference Walmart and Sam’s Club make in addressing food insecurity, especially when looking at the partnership as a whole. Our neighbors in rural Alabama are overall more food-insecure than much of the country, and Walmart has stepped in to help. We talked to Servant of Jesus Food Pantry in Anniston, AL, and it was eye-opening to see how a small church can serve so many people when they have the right partners.


The collaboration between the Community Food Bank, our partner agencies and Walmart is essential to thousands of neighbors every day.

We are better together.